This is a project by and for men who are seeking to grow in their work of taking dominion over the world. We focus on rightly ordering ourselves and our world, by developing the virtues and skills necessary to this task—especially strength, workmanship, and wisdom.

For us to image God and bear his name, we must start with rightly ordering ourselves; he who is faithful over a little can be faithful over much. We must have a command of the issues, and then take command over them. Men should be builders and problem-solvers, and this is what Discipleship & Dominion is about.

We are not interested in negative exercises; we are focused on positive building. We do not merely analyze what is wrong, nor engage in endless polemics. We are interested in developing practical wisdom to represent God’s father-rule and be useful tools in his hands.

Who we are

We are explicitly Reformed, but we keep our content broadly Protestant in a historical sense.

Michael Foster

Michael Foster

Michael is a serial-entrepreneur who has been in bi-vocational ministry the better part of his adult life. God has blessed him with a beautiful wife and seven children. He is the pastor of East River Church (CREC) in Batavia, just outside Cincinnati.

Bnonn Tennant

Dominic “Bnonn” Tennant

Bnonn has a background in writing, design, apologetics and theology. He lives in New Zealand with his wife and four children, works freelance as a copywriter and web designer, and also pastors at Redwood Reformation Church.

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Learning to be sons of the Most High in order to extend His rule into the world. A ministry for men, from the authors of It's Good To Be A Man.


On earth as it is in heaven—working to embody Christ’s reign by finding the spiritual patterns expressed in physical things. Author of The Spine of Scripture, co-author of It’s Good To Be A Man. In the habit of goring with a sharp two-edged sword.
Michael is a pastor, author, and businessman. Emily is a retired RN and "household executive" (aka housewife). They live with their seven children on a small farm in Batavia, OH.